posted on 25 Mar 2013 14:04 by kill008
I can see where I'm going to, but I still can't see how to reach my aim over there.
I had many dreams when I was a little kid.
I love watching cartoon, especially Anime, so I want to be a cartoonist.
You know, I wrote what I wanted to be in the school graduate book, and then I showed it to my mom, she was mad at me that my dream quite silly in her thoght. Am I wrong?
When I grew up a little, my grandma always wanted me to be a doctor for children. Iwasn't sure if it will work, but I thoght that I was pretty smart, so I changed my aim that I wanted to be a doctor. A year later, I realized that I hate Science as well as shit; I'm not good at it AT ALL! So I cut off a doctor.

I'd like to work something like journalist, author or anything about language when I was in 11 grade.
But my writing isn't that good, I just know, plus, I'm too lazy for that. I've never ever imagined to finish writing a book; only to finish reading one could be a hard work for me. How can I be an author if I dislike reading.
Now I'm going to University, and I wonder...