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posted on 15 Apr 2012 19:29 by kill008
I leave this blog for long time lol. Actually I forgot that I have one.
I went to Canada last year (I finally did -  -;) and I've been there for a month. New country, new people and new culture gave me new seeing. In my opinion, I like the way they learn in school. One month there I swear that I've never seen anyone had tutoring after school or weekend. You know, not every high school graduate goes to university. They prefer working, while Mattayom 5, 6 students in Thailand study hard and if they fail, they will do something stupid like killing themselves. I think, University is not everything in our lives. It's not the most important part, right? Don't you see any successful people? They didn't goes to University but they show the world what they could do. I didn't say that we shouldn't go to university or study hard, I was saying that you can be successful without going to university or getting A in every subject. Good at studying never means you will be more successful than any people. If you don't know how to use your knowledge to earn money, it's nothing. Do we have studying occupation? Don't forget that you study for work and earn money. I you can earn money like Mark Zuckerberg, so you have nothing to do with university. I'm so tired of Thail education. Some people who can go to university by examination, they just did a lot of example examination. They are familiar with the questions, the choices so they know what choice is the answer , they don't think!! I've heard some question of them, it was so silly and useless! The way Nok hits a ball?? for what!? wake up! focus at knowledge not 'A'

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I couldn't agree more!

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